Voice Actor Needed! - HECU SOLDIER

Crowbar Collective is looking for a NEW voice for the HECU Soldier!

The ideal applicant will provide dry recordings from a dead room. I know that sounds gross, so let me clarify.

A dry recording is a recording with no added effects. We are more interested in your performance than your audio mixing skills.
A dead room is a quiet, echo-free recording space. No reverb, street sounds, roommates, hisses or hums in the background.

We’re also looking for somebody with access to quality recording equipment, and the ability to record while on Skype for voice direction.

We hope this opportunity will bring in a lot of talented actors, so please understand that we will not be able to respond to every application. We’ll let you know when we want to hear more.

We’d also like to know which voice the community prefers.
Once you’re done, feel free to share the audition with your fellow interwebbers!
#blackmesavoice #newhecu #crowbarcollective

If you don’t think you have the pipes/gear for the job, then please help point any qualified voice actors towards this jobs posting.

Email jobs@blackmesasource.com with an outline of:

  • the equipment you used during recording
  • your availability
  • the files/links of your Black Mesa recordings
  • if available, files/links for any past voice acting work


Maybe someone could also record HECU soldiers for interrogation scene in Vent Mod expansion pack which is not there due to technical reasons.

It’s not the lack of lines, it’s the fact that I’d need to package a scenes.image. Considering there’s already a few mods out there that require custom copies, I don’t want to muddy the waters by forcing people to find a working version based on what they’ve downloaded or learn how to rebuild it.

Uh… :C


If I had any decent recording equipment (and wasn’t a total flake) I would definitely try out for this.

I will say that the line “This mission is way beyond FUBAR.” doesn’t make sense. FUBAR stands for “Fucked up Beyond All Recognition,” so the sentence would then be “This mission is way beyond fucked up beyond all recognition.” That makes no sense. Maybe a simple " This whole mission is FUBAR" would do.

Anyways, yeah, just my 2 cents.

Also, if my voice wasn’t so effeminate, I would try this out.

Also, you know, the whole recording equipment thing.

The line in BM is “This whole operation’s FUBAR.” There’s nothing wrong with it.

I remember Soap from MW2 saying “AGM missile is online”. AGM stands for Air-to-Ground Missile. Maybe soldiers really make such mistakes in real life? Then it wouldn’t be too bad to make such mistakes in BM.

The soldiers in HL are pretty fucking stupid. Remember the “DIE FREEMEN” graffiti?

@ Crypt: Look at the OP under “Chatter”. It says "This mission is way beyond FUBAR. "

@Xeoxer and Maxey, yeah, you do have a point. They aren’t exactly the brightest.

Thank you Keresh for merging the post. I’m sowwy.

Actually AGM stands for “Air-to-Surface Guided Missile” but your point still stands.

Anyways that happens a lot in real life. Though it is funny, my mind is going blank trying to think of an example.

Anyways FUBAR is just slang, some people probably don’t even know it is an acronym. Just like how LASER is an acronym and SONAR is an acronym, but both terms have entered the English and other languages as their own words.

Hmm, am I the only one confused by the need for a new actor? I definitely feel like I’m missing an actual
reason for why the lines need to be rerecorded. Is there something you don’t like about the current HECU
voiceovers? If I’m just an idiot, let me know.

Gamer magazines and fans too criticise the voices in Black Mesa. People even debated why the Hecu soldiers have no such radio voice as they had in HL… etc.

Personally I say if the BM dev team think they can improve it, than why wouldn’t they?

The HECU voices have been criticized since that ValveTime incident. I personally really like 'em. Hopefully at least some of the old lines stay.

Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. I was a bit absent during the review times, but I didn’t notice anything
particularly bad about the grunts myself. If anything, I’d probably hold the scientists up to more regard since we
hear so much more of them, plus their whole voice and inflections are unfiltered. Man, tough work doing voices.

But yeah, if the development is still underway for the earlier chapters, I’d love to see what else they could get.

Hell, even when they’re replaced, I’m sure very little will change in terms of the naming convention of the files to the point where they can’t be replaced with the original BM ones.

I’d love to give this shit a spin, but my Mic is anything but crystal clear.

maybe the radio noise should be more intense, just like hl1

lets remember half life is set around early 2000’s (lets try for 2003), so all the non-fictional technologies should have a 90’s vibe to it

Submitted! I had to use google drive. I don’t know how well that works, so here’s a dropbox link, just in case.

*I’m willing to drop big bucks on a pro-grade mic immediately

I just got this


Bah, resent it with a revised message.

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