Stuck in Zen - Cant Find Second Crystal

I’m thoroughly stuck in Zen. I have encountered the second throbbing receptacle that needs a power cord plugged in and a crystal inserted (assuming this) to do its thing. The cord has been plugged in but a long search of the area fails to come up with the crystal. I could use some assistance with this.

Note: I viewed the video walkthru for Xen but in the full release Xen has been changed and access to the area where the crystal is supposed to be located is blocked by a couple of huge leaves. I think I have shot everything in the vicinity but they won’t get out of the way.

The topic is very useful for me. Thanks

I’m getting the feeling that since this latest, final release, no one else has played through this far and beyond. As a result, there may be no answer out there. None of the walkthroughs matches exactly what you find in this version. I may quit trying for now and jus check back here every couple of days.

I finally discovered how. If you or anyone else is still interested, post a “Reply” here. I have notifications turned on and will get back with the details.

This forum is in the process of being closed. That’s the reason for the lack of response. For better communications, sign into the Crowbar Collective’s Discord Channel.

There are thousands who have the game and many have completed it, some numerous times. I would send you a link for the channel but, right now, they are revising the link so I’m unable to do it.

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