POWER UP - Stuck here?

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Hey guys, I’m stuck at the point where I have to kill the Guargantuan, after powering up the fans and opening the door, I run down the tracks to the static discharge button but it won’t let me use it, have I missed something?

Did you insert the power cords in that “bunker”, just below the static discharge button. Hopefully you understand, had a struggle finding words in my vocabulary right now

Ah excellent found it, thanks man.

I’m having the same problem. Could you take a SS of this power cord?

EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve found them. Many thanks, pal.

I can’t find Power 1.

What have you done so far in the level?

I’ve just finished this level in my Let’s Play so it’s very fresh. However I need some more details before I can help you.

I am having a problem right after i killed Gargantua. None of the two trains will start. Have i forgot something?

If you’ve killed Big G the train should start you might have to reload the most recent save.

Make sure that you stand right up near the console and give your use key a good push though first- when you do that it makes an unmistakable sound of powering up.

what do i need to do after i did this?


Now you go back to the Gargantua room and turn on the generator to get the rail system online. That was the whole point of your trip down below… to turn on the power so that you can get the generator running to power the rail system.

Don’t fall into the “what do I do after I do this” linear type of thinking. Think about your end goals, and then think about how you are going to achieve those goals.

Where’s these things I’m supposed to plug?
I’ve looked all over. Are they in the same room as the big G?

Power on, fans on, generator on.

EDIT: Found it, you have to run through the garg room into another area

Tram system after killing the fat fucker i am stuck please help all power is on but i’m stuck.

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Ride the trams on the turntable and proceed to the next chapter.

All they are doing is making a blip sound :frowning:

Trams will not move :frowning:

Sorted i was not using right mouse to get it to move DOH cheers chap,oh btw how far am i on a scale 1-10 ? 2

About 5

Cheers :slight_smile:

Right i have sent the rocket up moved to the next map stuck in water now stuck :frowning:

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