Plans of Opposing Force Remake for Black Mesa

If possible, password protect your stuff. If not, hide it somewhere obscure, maybe?

YES, Beacuse i’m on a Internet Cafe, NO and YES

The internet cafe allows you access to their steam folder?
Anyhow, save the files on dropbox or usb, keeping them on a shared computer is like asking for them to be removed :smiley:

Updates… Can you guess where it is?

BTW. I’m already starting to plan things for the remake including the most decisive part of all… NAMING THE MOD…

That could be literally anywhere

Also you’re still saving your content in a public documents folder, have you learned nothing?

Get your priorities straight.

  1. First do as @LordDz advised you and secure your work that can be accessed only by you.
  2. Next, why do you use the PC in the internet caffe? Please explain a bit more. Do you not have your own PC at home that you can use to work on the maps?

What is going on with that brushwork!? ;(

Protip: You can use the “brush faces” field in the entity info window to stretch overlays across multiple faces. That allows a single overlay to stretch around curved sections and across multi-brush walls.

At least get an external drive and put it somewhere where you know it can’t go missing, if you want to keep your work safe, even if it’s shitty 2gb it’s still better than nothing

Also, is that a place from the Biodome Complex?

Yass, I’m back again now with something to show you all…

Since I cant make or reproduce the office wall texture from Missing in Action, I’ve tried to find ways to recreate the wall and finally I found the solution.

You really should turn on snap to grid. It’ll be important as the map increases in size.

Are you sure this is what you really want? Most of these “plaster” group textures are pretty crappy- not only are they lacking in good cubemaps, normalmaps, and other elements Black Mesa’s more up-to-date textures have, but they just look decayed, disused, and otherwise not suited for an active government facility like Black Mesa.

A lot of the textures in Black Mesa aren’t just higher-definition replicas of the old ones, but reinterpretations of the same general theme or feel of the area.

If you’re looking for plaster walls with a wooden bottom half, you could always use this texture in CS:S-

It’s not necessarily as high-res as most of the BM textures are, but you could at least use it as a better-looking placeholder until you get someone to design textures for you (that is, if you plan on getting a texture artist to work with).

Actually, i made used two brushes in each wall, one for the plaster texture and one for the office… it’s called being resourceful.

That’s not really clever or resourceful as far as level design goes. That’s often a necessity. The problem remains with the entire lower half of your wall; It’s noticeably worse in quality, won’t have any masks, looks old and not well kept so it’s out of place. It’s called artistic direction, and this is a bad one. You’ll either need a new texture or a different style, otherwise your room will just look gross. due to texture choice.

And I swear to god, if you don’t start using the damned grid…

Part of my concern about your desire to directly duplicate the wood-panel textures of the original area is because by doing it you are already painting yourself into a corner- there just aren’t a lot of good, high-quality textures available in Black Mesa that could be described as wood paneling. That’s why I think it would be a good idea to show some creativity and reinterpret that area, so that you are no longer reliant on the availability of exact duplicate textures.

This is an odd location in Opposing Force and we see relatively little of it, but it looks like a high-level administration complex, with more attention given to cleanliness and creature comforts- basically a somewhat less crushingly institutional version of Office Complex. See if you can find pictures of the interior of the top-level executive offices for other federal agencies, or for research departments in major universities, etc. You might be able to do a fair bit just with the standard Office Complex wall textures, just by making the rest of the environment more friendly than scuffed gray tile, rows of fluorescent lights, and grimy drop ceilings- but remember, Black Mesa isn’t a hotel or a shopping mall, and one shouldn’t get too luxurious.

That’s my take on the area, anyway. The big thing to take away is that you need to be having these sort of conversations and planning sessions internally, before settling on a direction and design for any given area.

i used the damned grid as you and @TextFAMGUY1 said

There’s some dead giveaways that you either aren’t, or are using weird texture scales, most likely the former.

I’m not saying this stuff to pick on you with any sort of malice, just genuinely trying to make your life easier form the get-go. When I first started level designing no one ever told me to primarily use large grid sizes (16+ at least), or build the skeleton w/ func_details/optimization in mind. I know it’ll take a while to get used to things and to develop a workflow that works for you, but this is still stuff you should be keeping in mind as good general rules.

Hey, the first step to efficient level design is having a plan before you start.

I’m back and here’s again another screenshot of the same room… Feel free to roast me and my skills, again.

I added props and a replacement for the destructable projector screen on the original room and I’ve protected myself from total roasting this time around.

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