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Ok, so im stuck in a place looking like hangar. There are massive gates at both sides. Above is placed lane where I met an officer. He tells me that hes friend was bitten by a strange creature and suddenly behind hes back appear zombie.
I’m saving his life, he let me in and gives me a revolver. We decide to get the hell out of here. Strange creature teleported out of nowhere, we shoot it down. I’m progressing through the lane, theres a ladder on the right side. I climb down, the officer stays on the top. Down there are two massive gates that i mentioned, two doors that i can approach, one door that are above me, but all of them locked, red light is lighting at every one of them. Officer is upstairs and talks to himself. What i have to do?

Have you gone through the flooded room?

Yes, there where fire alert and water spurting from the ceiling.

Leave that room. It’s a dead end.

Ok i found the way finally, through this flooded room in the half way to the hangar.

I’m at the place where you jump across the open elevator shaft and grab the ladder, then climb some steps and leap across to a second ladder. Then I’m literally stuck. It feels like I’m standing on an invisible floor. I can jump in place, but can’t ascend or descend.

I’m considering no-clipping up the ladder, but want to make sure I’m going the right way first.

Reload your save. Sounds like you’re going in the right direction.

I’m stuck at the Cafeteria. I’ve been all through the freezer and the hallway at the back blocked off with tables that you can jump over. I can’t figure out where to go from here.

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The way out is in the freezer

I’m stuck in the freezer. I know I need to move the crane with the side of meat somehow but I can’t find the controls for it.

The wheel is broken. You need to find it and re-attach it.


According to google this has been asked before but for some reason the post is AWOL.

Where do you find the shotgun in Office complex. I know where it was in the original game but for the life of me I cannot find it in this rebuild. Originally it was with the barney who was being attacked by the zombie behind the fence. If not there then there was another which was before the Elevator you jump into to reach the ladder. Its not there either. Where in this level was it placed? I have scaled the level up and down but I cannot locate it, even found the alternate path and everything but it still eludes me. I don’t want to continue until I find it because it will make the hell to come a lot easier.


Weapons are placed differently in Black Mesa.

There is no shotgun in Office Complex.

My advice? Use the Magnum. They put that there instead of the shotgun for a reason.

Then why does the wiki say otherwise? :open_mouth:

Misinformation misinformation misinformation…

The wiki pages have not been updated in months, far before Black Mesa was released.

I’d only trust the Wiki FAQ since that is almost always up to date.

This may be some sort of crash bug related to the crappiness of my PC, but I am unable to progress towards the end of the first vent’s left path. BM apparently does not want me to see the end of the pipe that the vent leads to.

Hello, i´m stucked in the freezer in this sector.i walk trhougt the air conditionated tubes in the upper side , but i can´t go on. i don´t know what i have to do . thanks for help me.

explore the freezer and look for a ‘switch’

Done now

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