We are looking for talented animators that would like to join our science team!


  • Must have experience animating in 3DS Max.
  • Must have experience animating humanoid characters.
  • Must have ample time to work on animation tasks (3 nights a week minimum) and be able to sustain that time for the foreseeable future.
  • Previous Source engine experience a big bonus.

Send us your best work in the form of a demo reel, playable level, or other easily accessible form to:

If we’re interested in your application, you will be sent an art test with a prebuilt rig and character, and a set of animations to create in a timely manner.

I can only animate viewmodels.

no luck for me :>

I have experience in maya, not in max, i´m positive it wont take much time to learn a new tool.

I hope there will still be open place for animator until start of next year.
Would really like to apply. But not sure if I will have time till end of this year due to work and stuff.

Half Life 1 holds some of my greatest childhood memories, and I was playing Half Life 1 Deathmatch for years with my friends as a kid.

Came back to this forum after getting HL1 Deathmatch. And was researching into HD version of it. Sadly, no :frowning: .
But seems like great Black Mesa team is working on one.

I am glad to hear that you are looking for someone with Linux/Mac support!Anyway, best of luck in your search. I am experienced in OpenGL.I am certainly not experienced in C++ (only have strong experience in Java currently) however

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Bump. We’re still looking for a great animator!

We’re particularly interested in animators who are good with viewmodels (weapons) and character animation. We’re overhauling the weapon animations, but we want to hire someone who can animate other things too.

If you know a great animator, please send them our way, too. We would be very grateful!

Have you guy’s asked this guy?

He makes really good animations I don’t know if he does it as a hobby or a job though. He might work for you guy’s if asked though.


I am an animator. I can animate humanoid characters and willing to learn more. If the position is still available. Here is my reel.


Thank you.

Hello, I am a 3-d animator, and while I’d like to mostly work on redoing the view-models currently in the Steam version, I can also do character animation if you all need. I am very experienced in Source compiling, so I can compile anything you all need.

My Youtube where I post a lot of animation-related videos:

My Steam Workshop is filled with animations for Source games:

I realize the game is a tad dead at the moment, but I was thinking that the animations I do could come out along with the Xen update (that might happen…?), so people would be coming back at that point. Please reply whether you think I’m capable or not.

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