3D Environment Artist - Paid Position - Part Time

3D Environment Artist
We are currently looking for one or possibly two 3D artists. Below are our requirements.

-Must Have a lot of Time to Commit to the Project
-Must Use 3D Studio Max
-Able to Create 3D models and Textures Quickly and Efficiently
-Must Have Knowledge of Source Compile Tools
-Online Portfolio
-Ability to Properly Communicate and Work Well in a Team
-Organic Modeling is a Huge Plus

If we like your resume and portfolio we’ll send you an art test.

Send applications to jobs@blackmesasource.com

Feel free to ask any questions below, but know we can not go into specifics about payment .

Does it really have to be Max?

Well if that’s what the team uses, a unified source file would be easier than everyone constantly exporting to a common format.

What all would you like in the resumé? I don’t see a specific template or such listed anywhere.

Just past jobs with brief descriptions. Anything pertaining to this particular gig. Just a good ol resume, pretty much.

You can use another program or two BUT you have to be able to use Max for what is planned. Every thing that is animated is done in Max plus all the source files are in that format.


Just applied, very interested. https://www.artstation.com/artist/jsh75 Hope to hear from you soon!



Is there any news on this position?

Nothing to report yet.

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